I picked Tubulosity as my YouTube name years ago.  I was surprised to find that nobody had taken it. 


It's not a word that appears in any dictionary.


If I had to come up with a definition, I guess I'd define it as:

   "The state (or measure of extent) of being made up of or containing tubes or tubular elements"


Interestingly, "tubulosity" appeared in a medical text published in 1754, The Analysis of Inoculation: Comprising the History, Theory, and Practice of It, by James Kirkpatrick, M.D., where he wrote:

    We shall not suggest any solecism here, in this physician's supposing such

    a nervous tubulosity as anatomy and microscopes are incapable of discovering,

    since a dissected and inspected nerve may be insufficient to give us an adequate

    idea of its vital state…