These are in the form of MP3 files.  What happens when you click on the link will vary depending on which browser you are using and your browser settings.

1. The sound of a nice old British telephone ringing.

2. "Excuse Me" - an example of the nice recorded announcements that the old AT&T used to use in the '60s.

3. The answering-machine message from the Pink Pussy Cat Club of Hollywood in 1969.  On this "sound from the past" it sounds as though they needed a new machine, or at least a new tape.  

4. The Horace Batchelor advert from Radio Luxembourg.  Horace was from K-E-Y-N-S-H-A-M, near Bristol.    

5. The old UK Speaking Clock (1963 to 1985) with the voice of Pat Simmons.

6. A brief extract from the Private Eye Christmas Record of 1967.