"The DaVinci Code" is a work of fiction, but its popularity has given a valuable boost to those Bible scholars interested in the truth about Mary Magdalene.  Among those who are Mary Magdalene fans there is a spectrum of opinion ranging from "Mary was one of probably several women disciples whose existence was first downplayed, and then denied altogether, by the increasingly male-dominated early Christian church" to "Mary Magdalene was, more than any other disciple, responsible for the spreading of Christ's message and the formation of the very early Christian church".


Unless previously undiscovered documents are found, we will never know the full story.  However, the evidence supporting the theory that the recorded facts have been altered to suit a bunch of guys seems to be strong.  It includes unredacted versions of Mary's and other gospels (discovered in 1945 in Nag Hammadi, Egypt).


There is an excellent paper by Ramon Jusino titled Mary Magdalene: Author of the Fourth Gospel? which discusses the various sections of the Fourth Gospel where Mary's original account was redacted   in many cases very clumsily.


Wouldn't it be nice if we could read the particular account that was chosen for inclusion in the Holy Bible in its unredacted condition?  Well, now you can due to this remarkable document showing the redaction in progress.  Take a look at it and decide for yourself:  Gospel No.4 Draft 1.1.